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For the NZ Herald cartoonist Guy Body:


h.t. Nigel Pinkerton.


Mike Moreu is on the money again! The link is here.

Why is there no haircut for the insurance? Why are the fees not linked in inherent risk?

I agree that in some countries governments need to “recapitalise” banks by buying parts of them. I agree that a deposit insurance scheme can avoid bank runs (and can do so in a way the private sector may struggle with because asymmetric information leads to “too little” insurance). However, effectively charging the safe institutions more for insurance (which is what is happening to the banks) is RIDICULOUS – and will lead to too much risk being taken on in the future, at the taxpayers expense.

Hat Tip: NZIER economist Patrick Nolan

Source (Phd Comics)

Source: (Mike Moreu on Stuff)

This guy’s a genius – what a brilliant cartoon 🙂

It certainly captures how things fell at the moment – I will have a post up on the crisis later in the day (here).  Mike discusses his cartoon here.

Source (Chicane on Stuff)


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