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Matt Nolan on Breakfast: Relive the magic, the hair and the hairy prediction about the property market!

Posted on: October 29, 2008

For those of you who missed the magic, before the credit crisis we were worried about a property crisis.  In the midsts of this madness Matt Nolan was itnerveiwed by Paul Henry on breakfast.  I was bored so I thought I would track down this video and relive the magic.  At Matt’s gesturing I’m posting the link on the blog so that we can “make fun of how wrong I was (as house prices are already down 5.8% on a year ago) :P”

So here it is

I don’t claim to know much about the proprty market,so instead I’ll make fun of his hair, watch the video to see Matt’s long (OK it’s not THAT long…) flowing mane of hair, then click below the flap to see Matt’s photo from the Infometrics website to see what he looks like these days


Sexy beast

Sexy beast


4 Responses to "Matt Nolan on Breakfast: Relive the magic, the hair and the hairy prediction about the property market!"

If only you used your actual name when posting – then I could take the piss of you 😛

When I said that I was indicating that you should state that I was wrong – then I could defend myself. However, instead you have attacked my hair – as I refuse to watch the video I can’t really say anything about it …

And I used to think Graeco-Roman was a type of wrestling….

Is it just my browser or is there no sound in the clip?

I do not know if there is sound – I hope not. I don’t do any wrestling in it do I – that would be awesome!

There is defintiely sound.

Matt only looks like a Graeco-Roman becuase he had to shave and wear make up to go on TV, otherwise he would probably have looked slightly more barbaric:P

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