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Mallard’s Economics: Making KiwiSaver “fair”

Posted on: July 14, 2008

The one thing I hate about election year is seeing policies which are put in place to win an election and no basing in economic theory.

Reading this quote from Trevor Mallarad made me angry

“…there is no way that it is fair for one employee to be paid less each week in their take home pay than an employee doing the same tasks, simply because they choose to be in KiwiSaver and the other employee doesn’t.”

Either Trevor Mallard is an idiot and he truly believes this, or he’s not an idiot and is doing this to try and win an election.

Just remember Kiwisaver savings are a form of income.  If we give both enrolled and non-enrolled people the same take home pay, then we are effectively saying that people on the Kiwisaver scheme should be paid more for the same task – explain to me why Mr Mallards concept is fair again?



4 Responses to "Mallard’s Economics: Making KiwiSaver “fair”"

I totally agree. The annoying thing is that this kind of policy is really only enforceable at large enterprises with precise pay scales. The government is such a gutless wonder on this one, why don’t they just make the whole thing compulsory like they want to, they’ve done everything but.

Making it compulsory was always the plan, and it is a good plan IMO. I thought it would take a decade before compulsion would become obvious, maybe it will be sooner.

That said, Mallard is lying through his teeth. I dont know about you guys, but this is why I could never be a politician. If I had to say such moronically stupid things to retain my job, I would quickly try and find another job.

“If I had to say such moronically stupid things to retain my job, I would quickly try and find another job”

So so so so true 😀

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